In an age where large public clocks have the ability to be auto-wound, the need for a dedicated person to wind the clock has now gone.
However, this same person was required to correct any gain or loss of the clock on a regular basis, which detracts from the ability of a clock to run untouched for long periods of time.
This same person was also responsible for carrying out the winter/summertime changes, thus without this person, the need for a system to carry out these tasks automatically becomes more apparent.

In response to this need, we have developed a clock regulation and time change system that is fully automatic.
The Regulation of the clock is carried out by occasional and gentle interactions with the pendulum by an actuator through direct comparison of the pendulum beat rate to an accurate time source.
It will  keep a typical clock regulated to within a few seconds a year (assuming the clock to be in sound mechanical order and is regularly maintained). Carry out winter/summertime changes by stopping the clock for either 1 or 11 hours. This is carried out by a very careful interaction of the actuator with the pendulum to either stop or start the pendulum swinging. It has the ability to be fitted unobtrusively and discretely – The clock mechanism requires no modification, additional attachments or wiring

Adjustment unit size – 45m/m x 25m/m x 160m/m, (typical – but may vary dependent on clock size)