Other Products

The Cumbria Clock Company manufactures and supplies many other products for church and public clocks.


Auto-regulators keep a pendulum clock to precise time without altering the clock movement in an shape or form. It also stops and starts the clock movement therby undertaking the summer and winter time changes.

More details aboutr auto-regulation

Electro-magnetic hammers.

These hammers are capable of striking bells weighing from 11 lbs. (5kg) to
2 tons (2000kg).

More details about electro-magnetic hammers

Night silencing.

Night silencing systems can be manufactured to opperate at whatever hours are required.

More details regarding night silencing.

Strike and Chime Systems.

We can manufacture and supply either strike and chime systems to opperate on existing bells, or a digitised bell sound system for any situation.

More details regarding strike and chime systems.