Strike and Chime Systems

Digitised Bell Sound and Carillon Controller

If the church has no bells, or does not have the available space or budget to provide a set for traditional quarter, hour bell striking, standard and angelus tolling, the Digitised Bell Sound Controller using sampled sound will provide a very acceptable alterative.

In addition, the system can act as carillon and play from a selection of 60 hymn tunes.

The system uses studio quality embedded-sound reproduction devices (CD quality - 16 bit, stereo, 44Khz sampling rate) and processing that reproduces faithful bell sounds.

Standard features:

• Rugby time signal or GPS controlled
• Selectable Night Silencing modes.
• 8 Carillon modes with 2 banks of tunes for seasonal playing
• Manual tune playing
• 3 Angelus modes
• Selectable Westminster, Whittington, Ting-Tang or custom quarter chimes
• Adjustable hour strike speed
• Adjustable Slow Toll and fast Toll
• Manual Single bell strike
• 40W amplification as standard

Optional features:

• Additional sound amplification and speaker systems

• Other bell sets and novelty sound sample options available.

Chime, strike and tolling controller

This unit is designed to drive electro-magnetic hammers to strike existing bells.

It does not control a clock movement (see other Cumbria Clock Company products), but will sound hours and quarters if bells are available within the tower etc.

The tolling speed is variable and can be set to ring for up to 30 minutes before switching itself off.

Tolling units without hour and quarter chiming are available.

Standard features:

• Rugby time signal or GPS controlled so it will always be exactly on time, and will also automatically carry out the winter/summer time changes
• Selectable hour strike or passing strike modes.
• Selectable Night Silencing modes that allow total silence at selectable hours, or strike only with no quarter chiming etc.
• Variable speed via knob and dial on front panel as well as a clockwork run-back timer allows the user to set the tolling of a bell for a predetermined period at desired speed
• Lockable front panel cover to prevent misuse.
• Selectable Angelus playing at various times of the day and evening
• Selectable Westminster, Whittington, Ting-Tang or custom quarter chimes
• Adjustable hour strike and quarter chime speeds
• Adjustable funeral Toll and fast Toll for automatic modes
• Manual Single bell strike


Carillon Controller

Fully featured Carillon to replace or assist existing mechanical carillon or for new installations

The Carillon was developed as a standard unit due to the current trend of clients wishing to make more use of a set of bells to play a variety of tunes at selected parts of the day, week or just special occasions

Very flexible and user friendly programming and triggering methods makes this unit a very versatile unit that can drive either a bell electro-hammer power interface or our digital bell controller for realistic bell sound rendition

Standard features:

• Can control up to 24 bells
• The number of bells in the tower can be set to play a number of tunes suited to the number of bells, or optionally, a small number of bells can set to play tunes requiring more bells. The controller will intelligently ‘wrap’ higher of lower notes to the lower or higher octave bells. This often has pleasing results as well as being able to play a greater number of tunes.
• Tune bank capacity of up to 630 tunes, with a custom tune bank module accessible from the front panel for quick and easy customized tune installation
• Individual bell hammer pulse length adjustment to optimize replay speeds
• Individual bell hammer advance and retard to compensate for slow and fast hammers for improved tune passage timing.
• Can be triggered by an input from an existing clock, the Carillons built in clock, or manually
• Rugby MSF radio link for internal clock accuracy and power failure recovery
• Global tune speed controller as well as individual tune speed controller
• Easy to read LCD panel and 4 button keyboard with intelligent menu options for simple operation
• Free PC software available to allow customers to compose and save tunes in Carillon format, and a free service to send the file to us to program the custom memory module.
• A service is available to transcribe scored or MIDI format tunes to the custom memory module.

Optional Features:

• Addition of a standard MIDI compatible music keyboard interface for ‘live’ performances on the bells
• Specialist design service for larger bell capacity, chromatic bell sets and multiple electro-hammer outputs for individual bells for fast note repetition on any one bell.