Automatic Winding

The winding units are designed to remove the chore of manual winding of turret clocks.

Automatic winding UnitThey are compact and very powerful and can be fitted to most turret clocks and carillons.
Internal gears of automatic winding unit.Power is provided to the clock by a transmission chain through a weight driven, three planet, totally enclosed, oil immersed epicyclic gearbox.

This is driven by a totally enclosed, fan cooled 230-240v motor.  

These winding units can be supplied as battery driven depending on the frequency and duration of power failures. Battery backed units should always be installed when there is a possibility of power failures lasting more then 24 hours. Where power failures are only a few hours’ long mains driven units are preferred.

Diagram showing typical installation

In the event of a mains failure the clock will continue for a period of 10 – 24 hours depending on the amount of “drop” available for the weight.

10 Year Guarantee

A ten year guarantee is given by the Cumbria Clock Company Ltd on all components of the winding units manufactured by the company including, transmission chain and installation.

Blickling House, Norfork fitted with automatic winding unitsThe units are installed keeping to all the guidelines set by the Council for the Care of Churches and all other conservation bodies. The clock movement is not altered in anyway and can be reverted back to hand winding if necessary.